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The above photo is a James Turrell installation. James Turrell is a light artist. I experienced this particular installation in person on a trip to Japan.

I was touring art museums and galleries all over Japan back in 2009. I hadn’t encountered a James Turrell installation yet. But he immediately became my favorite artist.

When I walked into the show area, the museum tour guide motioned for me to walk up the steps. From the floor, it appeared that there was a peculiar blue screen in the wall. It was bright and the light quality wasn’t like anything I’d seen…

The United States economy is largely considered at this point to be a services economy. While manufacturing throughout the 20th century had been the strong hold of the American economy with services a separate but supporting sector, global out sourcing and the advent of the Information age has made the service sector a critical factor of our economy as “farming and manufacturing as a proportion of total economic activity are in decline.” (See quote below)

“In an economy where farming and manufacturing as a proportion of total economic activity are in decline, and services are rapidly ascendant, the skills necessary…

Before I begin, yes, your company needs a website. However, I think it’s time we start admitting that the website isn’t that great of a conversion tool.

Ask Me About Booking: Scan the QR Code

The website is good at a lot of things. It represents your brand. It contains a lot of information that could potentially educate your customer. But its strength is that it is a consideration tool.

Let’s look at the stages of marketing:


Each stage finds the buyer in a different mindset when they interact with your company. When they are on social media they are not usually in a mindset…

When you look at the evolution of the way business is conducted online selling goods or products online is leaps and bounds ahead of being able to sell services online.

eCommerce of course, was immediately made possible by Amazon and eBay who saw very early on the opportunity to sell products online. But what about services?

Amazon and Google seem like they are attempting to solve this problem and yet early programs have fallen short. The challenge with services is that delivering value is contingent on the performance of people while working in the face of the customer. …

Torlando Hakes — Collaborative Price Negotiation

Pricing your services is one of the hardest parts of agency work. There is something about it that rarely feels like a good deal for your buyer and yet for you it’s a shoe-string budget. But if you do that deal, neither of you will be satisfied and neither of you will get the best end result.

The pricing conversation is uncomfortable. It feels like the prisoner’s dillema.

In your mind, if you reveal your cards first, they might have been valuing you higher and now they are getting a deal. In their mind, if they reveal their cards first…

Abraham Lincoln said, “If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend…”

Couldn’t we use this principle in modern politics? My goodness.

Well, while there may not be much we can do about friendship in the political divide, there is a divide that may be much more pressing to you as a seller. That is the divide between your company and your target audience.

The divide is very wide. You need to accept that. A company’s primary goal is to maximize profitability which means your company’s offer stands diametrically opposed to…

Did I say that out loud? 🤭 let’s have a heart to heart about this.

I just had a conversation with my friend Jay Baer on The CTA Podcast and we had a great conversation about why the average marketing agency net promoter score of 15 out of a 100 and what to do about it.

The Problem Bullet Points

  • Your service is 1 piece of 100 things that are on their plate and they don’t have time to deal with you even though they need you.
  • Uncertainty creates anxiety and the lack of clarity about the process makes people extremely frustrated.
  • When clients…

Lately, my mantra has been “market unto others as you would have others market unto you.” Too often, I see messages that I don’t understand. I have a hard time seeing the relevance. The content is messy. The message is reaching. It can feel like these companies and personal brands don’t get me.

And to be honest, getting rid of cookies actually has me concerned that I won’t get relevant content at all. …

There are over 50 million web designers competing to design the billions of websites in existence. Let’s just first say, your odds of staying busy as a web design agency are astronomically good so you have every reason to be selective, however, if you are in competition with another agency it can feel like this whole abundance mentality is a load.

But there is abundance and you can have the confidence to win the deal and charge what you need to charge if you know how to articulate your value and expertise over your competition.

Expertise + brand cut through…

As a marketer, the need to crank out content as fast as macro influencers tell you to seems impossible. 50 pieces of content a day? Who freaking has time for that? I get it. It’s so much that it feels impossible to even begin. And what if you aren’t getting the engagement you hoped for? Is it even worth it if no one is paying attention?

Blair Enns stresses the importance of writing in The Win Without Pitching Manifesto:

Writing gets us found. Writing helps to cement our position as experts. Most important of all, writing about what we do…


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