Where To Begin With A Digital Marketing Do Over

When most companies begin digital marketing it all really starts as an experiment. Let’s face it. We don’t have decades of experience with this stuff and the technology and platforms change all the time. It’s just so hard to know what actually works. And believe me. I get it wrong more often than I get it right.

Sometimes, it feels like you just want to start from scratch. But you don’t have a to.

Here are seven steps to a digital marketing do-over.

There is nothing saying you can’t take down old posts, archive them or edit old content. If you don’t like it and it makes you feel super cringy, retire it!

That old stuff isn’t doing you any favors. It’s not showing up in the algorithm anymore and it’s making you look unpolished. So by all means, purge!

The digital space is inherently visual. To truly stand out and slow the scroll, you have to break the pattern of what is out there. Design can do that but you have to be committed to making stuff look good. If you aren’t committed to making things look good you will just get more of the same crappy results.

Once the aesthetic is in place, you have to be sure you are tapping into the deepest desires of your customer. What do they want? What is keeping them up at night? Who do they want to become? Now answer how you plan to get them there.

The digital space is all about content. And because people engage with content that speaks to their interests and there problems, having a true subject matter expert lead out on the content creation is going to produce the most gravity to your feed. You can’t have an intern or the marketing agency write blog articles about something they know nothing about. It has to be the person who knows what the heck they are talking about.

Social media is not an e-commerce website. It’s not a marketplace. It is a place where you connect with other people who are interesting to you. Adspend, in the case of social media is really just a tool to guarantee that enough people will see your content. Views and engagements provide credibility and social proof to what your subject matter expert is saying. Let’s face it. When you see someone with a lot of views and like, you just end up trusting them more. It’s really not rocket science. When you see a domain expert doing a thing that you need and you also see that they have a lot of attention, you will be more likely to trust that domain expert.

Again, social media isn’t a marketplace. People don’t plan to make big purchases via a social channel. But they will impulse buy small things. Make the vast majority of your posts pure giving and then make a small offer that will get them making a tiny commitment that can get you talking. It’ll be the bridge to bigger purchases.

Social is all about being social. It’s not what we call a conversion channel. A conversion channel is a marketplace. Amazon is a marketplace. Google local listings is a marketplace. Your website is a marketplace. A marketplace is a website where buying intent is high. As long as you’ve done the work to stir desire and educate, your audience is going to find a way to purchase from you when they are ready. You just have to make sure your content is worth returning to and you have to make sure that your offer is easy to buy on your chosen marketplace.

Do me a favor. If this stuff made sense to you give me some claps and a follow.

And if you are trying to get a handle on your social action and need a little guidance on what content to make and how to run the ads, let me know. I’d love to take a look at your company.

Generally, my strategy is to help you get a lot of views and engagements and then strive for conversions via chat or direct booking.

You can chat or book with me at Hakes.Digital.



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Torlando Hakes

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