The Sprint Model For Fast Agency Growth

If you are tired of:

  • second guessing whether your agency model can scale,
  • dealing with underdeveloped employees and freelancers,
  • not being able to generate leads for your own business,
  • feeling overwhelmed because you’re taking too much on because you feel compelled to say yes to everything,
  • not being able to differentiate yourself from the competition,
  • landing clients with shoe-string budgets,
  • running into feast or famine cash flow fluctuations all year long and facing customer churn and,
  • constantly having to re-sell your customers into working with you,

Then this is the online seminar you need today.

Join Torlando Hakes, host of the CTA podcast, speaker and author in a distillation of everything he has learned through more than a decade and a half running a service based business and what he has learned from the switch to selling SaaS, including insights gained from interviewing some of the brightest minds in the agency world to day.

This comprehensive walk through will take you through shifting your mindset to be able to charge for strategy, improve the way you sell services, and incorporate subscription based pricing by selling SaaS products directly to your clients so that you can stabilize your cash flow, streamline your work flow, and increase lead flow.

This is The Sprint Model For Fast Agency Growth

Torlando Hakes, is the author of the book Sprint and host of such podcasts as The CTA Podcast, The PaintED Show, and No Trade Secrets. Torlando is open to meeting new friends and building a community of like-minded peers. You can jump on his calendar for a 1–1 anytime for advice, to share networks, for podcast interviews, and for help getting more bookings.

This seminar was created for Marketing Agencies who are certified Periodic Agency Partners. As Agency Partners, they have a license to sell the Periodic white label booking platform to their clients helping them increase conversions through their website. Advanced features such as complex booking, dynamic forms, and automated email/text messages add to their agency tech stack and help them set themselves apart from other agencies and get better results for their clients.

Check out the Periodic Agency Partner Program at to set yourself apart from the competition, book more appointments for your clients, and retain them for longer.

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Torlando’s Calendar

Folia CMO | Author of Sprint | Book at Hakes.Digital

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Torlando Hakes

Torlando Hakes

Folia CMO | Author of Sprint | Book at Hakes.Digital

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