The Stories We Tell Ourselves

People have a lot of stories that they tell themselves. The story that we tell ourselves is usually some type of excuse as to why we aren’t succeeding.

I don’t think people want to pass blame off but there’s an element of “if I don’t take off some of the responsibilities off of my shoulders, I’m going to feel the consequence. I’m going to receive unfair consequences. I’m going to lose my job if I take too much of this responsibility.”

Because of that fear, there isn’t an a space to accept where you are failing as an individual and to be able to express with some vulnerability that you need help from the team or the leader get more results together.

Great leaders understand that failure is an act of experimentation. Experimentation is requisite for all innovation. Great leaders manage the business affairs well enough so that there is space for failure, so long as the failure isn’t wasted and it is used as a valuable learning instrument.

Folia CMO | Author of Sprint | Book at Hakes.Digital

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Torlando Hakes

Torlando Hakes

Folia CMO | Author of Sprint | Book at Hakes.Digital

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