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Do you know what activities lead to success? That’s a lead measure. Something you can measure that will lead to a desirable outcome. In particular for those outcomes that require the choice of another person.

Sales goals, like number of sales have always been the type of goals I really don’t like. I feel like you just can’t make a goal based on someone else’s choice. You don’t have control over it. Either they buy or they don’t buy and regardless of how persuasive you were in the process, you never took away their choice. And so that’s really not a useful goal because goals should be within your control.

So what are good lead measures for a company that, like many good companies, has to drive…well, revenue?

Before you look at new ways look at the old ways first.

What has lead to success in the past? Can you do more of it?

How instrumental was/is the owner of the company? How much did relationships play a factor? How much did impressions matter? How much did ad spend matter? How much did posting matter?

Look at everything that lead up to the way to a sale. Is it repeatable? Is it measurable? Have you exhausted it as an avenue?

You have to find the goose that lays the golden egg. Once you find it, you have to feed it or it can’t lay more eggs.

What is the food you feed the goose that lays the golden egg?

Those are the lead measures. You can’t always control outcomes. You can only control inputs. The more you put in of the stuff that you know has lead to success in the past the more faith you can have that you will have positive outcomes. Sure people still have their free agency, but you controlled the agency of the only person you can, yourself.

Controlling your own agency is a lot like believing in yourself. It says that you know that if you act a certain way certain things will happen. Good things tend to happen to people who act goodly. Not all the time but most of the time. Fill your days with things that lead to good results.

You’ll be happy, satisfied, and fat.

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