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5 min readNov 5, 2022


Introducing The Craftsman Painter Collective Membership

Professional Painting might just be the greatest industry in the world. Paint is everywhere. It’s beautiful. It’s useful. It’s in demand. In fact, back in 2021, Angi did a study that indicated interior painting was the most popular home renovation among participants, coming in at a whopping 32% of US households in the study doing interior painting.

This was more popular than kitchen remodels, flooring, home automation, and roofing.

Not only this but another quarter of respondents did exterior painting as well. The message is clear. Painting is in demand.

But how do you get in on that action? How can you transform your career into an opportunity in painting?

Starting and growing a painting company is hard. A lot of people get into it because getting in, isn’t the hard part. Staying in it is what’s hard. Most paint contractors struggle with up and down lead flow, not having enough workers, feast or famine, long days and longer nights type working conditions. And for their employees, they often get the shortest end of the stick with lack of opportunity for growth, low wages, no benefits, slow winters, and no path for a future or retirement.

These horrible working conditions wouldn’t make anyone want to be a part of this great industry no matter what you tried.

But something doesn’t add up. It’s the most popular home renovation. It’s easy to hit well over 50% gross profit margins and smart business owners are making a killing. Why isn’t everybody? The short answer: It takes smarts.

I get it. For the first part of my career in the trades, I had a great lifestyle business. It paid the bills well enough and gave me the time to volunteer, give time to my family, and take vacation. I even had most of the operations delegated and off my plate. But I wasn’t quite killing it yet, and employee turnover was costing my company big time. Using subcontractors wasn’t helping my customer satisfaction rating either. Something was wrong and I either needed to fix it or take a break.

I decided to take a break. Retool. Then come back smarter and stronger than before. I took a detour in software where I learned a secret production method that is the direct cause of so many tech companies blowing up and becoming billion dollar companies. This secret production method was so powerful and eye opening to me that I decided to write a book about it and how it can be applied to the trade industry to boost productivity and make things run like clockwork.

The book is called Sprint, and today, as the CEO of Craftsman Painter, I make sure we are running Sprint OS which I adapted from software production for painting companies.

As a companion to the book I developed a complete virtual trade school aimed at certifying your team in how to run Sprint OS. This training will equip your sales staff and production team with novel sales, estimating, and production techniques. It is designed especially for your production team to learn better ways to manage production and to become effective onsite leaders.

Not only this, but we are launching a brand new collective to help you be a part of something bigger. The Craftsman Painter Collective gives you great access to added benefits like having a co-branded marketing tools and collateral and access to a complete workforce solution allowing your team to get benefits, 401k, and to take payroll taxes, workers comp., and HR off your plate completely. This will keep you compliant and help your employees lead a better work life.

Here’s how it works:

A Sexy Co-Brand

Co-Branding is the smart way to do marketing. When you co-brand with an existing business you get done-for-you marketing assets to help you share, promote, and advertise your business. Membership in the craftsman painter collective makes you an authorized user of our brand license and gives you goodies like social media swipe files, video content that drives traffic to find you, a high converting estimate booking site, coaching and guidance on social media best practices, a branded email address, tshirts, signs, door hangers and swag. Everything you need to either start or grow your business. We also offer discounted rates for things like email marketing, social media ads management, tshirts, hats and swag bags.

A Bullet Proof Plan

Knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle. Our new Online Trade School gives you access to 12 deep dive topics on all things sales and production.

This 12 week course is designed for teams, specifically sales people and production people. When you buy the classes a la carte, you’re only spending $500 per class. This keeps things affordable and highly practical.

Coming out of this class your team will have new tools for estimating and managing production costs which is where the vast majority of painting companies fail miserably.

A Helping Hand

Compliance and payroll taxes are a massive undertakings in a small business, especially when you are running payroll in-house.

“Payroll tax issues can destroy a business and not handling filings correctly can lead to CRIMINAL charges and tax burdens that you cannot escape and are not mitigated by an LLC or corporate status.” says expert Morgan Scott Knox. You don’t want to shoulder this responsibility alone. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull that off of your plate completely and have it handled?

This is where the craftsman painter certification benefits far outweigh the price of entry. You can rest assured that you are compliant with payroll taxes, worker’s comp and workers rights by having a complete workforce solution at your fingertips, included with membership.

Any question you have whatsoever about hiring, and managing employees from an HR perspective can be answered with a quick email or chat.

When you employ your people through our workforce solution you and your people will be taken care of. Get access to healthcare benefits and 401k retirement plans. Keep documentation up to date and avoid legal risk with the help of an HR department here for you.

Build a Great Business

Building a great painting business takes time. There are no fast paths to a stable and reliable business. But there are a lot of mistakes you can avoid by working with Craftsman Painter.

Too often, people get so wrapped up in the idea of “working on your business instead of in your business” that they don’t do the work that drives the needle forward. Sitting around all day coming up with ideas doesn’t put money in the bank. Making sales and painting houses does.

With membership in the Craftsman Painter Collective, you’ll get plug and play branding to help you look great while spreading the good news about your company. You’ll get an education in business that will keep you from having to figure it out on your own. You’ll get the support of an HR team to help you grow your team and keep your staff compliant avoiding the risk of missing payroll tax deadlines and workers comp audits that don’t fall in your favor.

Get Certfied

To become a certified member of the Craftsman Painter Collective, just visit to apply for membership and to become part of our remarkable community.



Torlando Hakes

Author of Sprint | Craftsman Painter