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  • Richard Culatta

    Richard Culatta

    The future is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed. -W.Gibson

  • Adam Quirk

    Adam Quirk

    Human man. Former tech operative. Co-founder of Cardinal Spirits, a craft distillery in Bloomington, IN. @quirk and @cardinalspirits

  • Al Doan

    Al Doan

    Entrepreneur, Techstar, Quilt Mogul, Traveler, Reader, People Lover, Mormon, Missourian, Giant

  • Amy Lynn Herman

    Amy Lynn Herman

    #EventProf @FullStackEvents

  • Luke Shumard

    Luke Shumard

    Skateboarding, programming, ice cream sandwiches

  • Diana Taylor

    Diana Taylor

  • David Em

    David Em

  • Hannah Edgerton

    Hannah Edgerton

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