Don’t Forget That Being Great Is A Differentiator

Recently I was speaking with a group of new entrepreneurs.

One was starting a new restaurant.

She wanted to know what she could do to differentiate herself from all the other restaurants.

She continues with several ideas she had from turning it into a speak-easy and venue to partitioning the building off for pop up vendors.

As she brought out all of her ideas I forgot what she said she was doing in the first place and feeling a little dumb I had to stop her and ask her what her core offer was.

She reminded me that it was a restaurant.

I asked what type of restaurant.

She said urban food but more specifically chicken wings.

I asked how many chicken wings restaurants were in her area.

She said there was one, that we’re all familiar with.

I said, forget all that other stuff. Just make the best chicken and you’ll win.

Being great at the one thing you do is enough. I promise.




Author of Sprint | Craftsman Painter

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