Bat Signals To The Brand

What does your bat signal look like?

Torlando Hakes
1 min readMar 31


Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

Today I was speaking to a group of paint contractors and sort of off-the-cuff I mentioned making bat signals to the brand.

We were talking about finding good people to hire. It’s hard.

I told them their job ad needed to be a bat signal.

Who comes when the bat signal comes?

The Batman.

Who runs when the bat signal comes on?

The bad guys.

Making a bat signal to the brand is about authenticity. Its about displaying loudly who you are.

While I do believe that your logo alone can become its own bat signal, until your logo caries that power, you have to use words, pictures, and videos of who you are and what you represent.

Show your best qualities. And speak out against the ones you hate.

There was no question about who was on Batman’s side and who wasn’t.

Take a stand.

Put out your bat signal and the good guys will come and the bad guys will run away.




Torlando Hakes

Author of Sprint | Craftsman Painter