All of us are seeking enlightenment

Part of the joy of modern marketing is engaging in the content that embraces education. Maybe some are tired of all the webinars and ebooks and gated content; and sure, you do have to sift through the ones that are irrelevant to you or poorly produced or just a blatant attempt at thought leadership. But when it hits, it hits hard.

And the reason is that we all seek enlightenment.

People want mastery. We want to be better. To do better. It’s why we carry so much shame. We judge ourselves against our own shortcomings and our only path out of mediocrity is figuring out how to improve.

Educating ourselves makes us feel better and more productive. We’re willing to take an hour out of the day to watch a webinar because it feels like professional development. And why not? Is the human mind meant to produce for 8 hours straight or does it need time to consume? That would make sense.

We have to consume food to produce energy. Does our mind not need feeding?

A company’s role is to find a problem in the world to solve. When enough people are trying to solve the same problem you might actually have a shot at this. The invitation comes when you say let’s solve this together and if they trust you and they identify with you and they believe that your desires are aligned with theirs you just might have a chance of helping them.

But you’re not in the clear yet. They might like you and they might believe you want the same thing but they have to know that you are competent.

This is why being a teacher is so powerful. When you embrace the role of teacher as a marketer all you have to do is focus on seeking enlightenment together. By sharing. By conversing. By getting a person all the way up to the point of knowing what to do but not wanting to do it alone.

That’s when a beautiful thing happens. You create something together. The more you share the better the world becomes and the more enlightened we become as a people. | SaaS Marketing & Sales Leader | Author & Speaker | The CTA Podcast — Get On My Calendar 💘👉 Torlando.Periodic.Site 👈💕