A Message For Self-Qualified Teachers

First, I apologize for the sassy title. I wanted to get your attention. I’m just here to tell you keep it up. Trust yourself and what you know. But there are three things that matter most as I have scoured and scrutinized the work that is out there.

Quality matters more than quantity.

Too many people are posting five times a day because somebody told them they are supposed to but the quality of the work is severely lacking. This is true in social media and email. There are certain people who at first seemed like they had something to say but now it is clear they are just putting out mere drivel.

Engagement is respectable.

There is something about seeing a post of someone who has a ton of engagement. The social proof it elicits is undeniable. The tricky part is that the more you post over time the more engagement you may get. So striking the balance between rapidly testing sticky content and producing quality work puts creators in an awkward position. This is why I like Facebook pages and Instagram because you can use paid promotions to guarantee visibility with your target audience. If you can afford it, it pays to pay.

Proof matters.

If you’re going to be a self-qualified teacher your results are ultimately what qualify you. For a while, I have been in the same loop as many people. Pushing content. Hoping for organic to just pop off. Feeling concerned that my content just isn’t good and experimenting over and over again. What I’ve learned is that the most unique thing you can possibly post is a person’s face and to consistently show up with that person’s face. Posts with my face and a humanistic message that taps into things we are all feeling get 300% increase in engagement. And posts that use ad spend can get a lift of 1450%.

Take for example a Facebook ads client of mine. They are a brand new business. Just starting brand new with social media. Their budget is too small. Their capacity for fulfilling work is limited to what one person can do. So, we are being calculated about just how fast we attempt to grow opting for spurts of high visibility rather than a steady drum.

Our first couple of campaigns saw dramatic spikes on Facebook and Instagram which have resulted in around $30k in new pipeline for a cost of about $300-$400. Usually I prep people for expecting a 10x return but we’re doing a little bit better than that, don’t you think?




Author of Sprint | Craftsman Painter

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Torlando Hakes

Torlando Hakes

Author of Sprint | Craftsman Painter

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