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First, I apologize for the sassy title. I wanted to get your attention. I’m just here to tell you keep it up. Trust yourself and what you know. But there are three things that matter most as I have scoured and scrutinized the work that is out there.

Quality matters more than quantity.

Too many…

People have a lot of stories that they tell themselves. The story that we tell ourselves is usually some type of excuse as to why we aren’t succeeding.

I don’t think people want to pass blame off but there’s an element of “if I don’t take off some of the…

One thing PPC experts know that they aren’t telling you is that the top brands get more monthly average searches with the brand name as the keyword than the top keyword category.

I recently did two searches for keyword results for two different SaaS companies.

First, I searched for keywords…

In the book, How Brands Become Icons, author Douglas Holt talks at length about the icon. A person or figurehead sometimes with a cult of personality, sometimes justifiably idolized, stands in proxy as the aspirational identity and embodiment of the ideal member of society incarnate. The expectation of who they are and what they represent is a brand, albeit even mythical in pumped up status. Says he:

The brand becomes a symbol, a material embodiment of the myth. So as customers drink, drive, or wear the product, they experience a bit of the myth.

It is the myth of the personality that everyone aspires to. So be who they want to become.

see what I do @


The growing demand for web based booking apps is on the rise. Not always from the companies owning the website, but from the site visitors using the website.

More and more services are turning to booking platforms to easily manage their appointment schedules whether that be for setting up estimates/quotes…

The Scrum/Agile influenced methodology for productizing agency work, monetizing your mind, and maximizing cash flow.

If you are tired of:

  • second guessing whether your agency model can scale,
  • dealing with underdeveloped employees and freelancers,
  • not being able to generate leads for your own business,
  • feeling overwhelmed because you’re taking too much on because you feel compelled to say yes to everything,
  • not being able to differentiate yourself from the…

Before I begin, yes, your company needs a website. However, I think it’s time we start admitting that the website isn’t that great of a conversion tool.

Ask Me About Booking: Scan the QR Code

The website is good at a lot of things. It represents your brand. It contains a lot of information that could potentially educate…


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